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Grill-oven BQS

The grill-oven BQS made of stainless steel. More and more in the world, the popularity of the Jospers menu is gaining popularity. It is cooked in a closed grill oven on grates or in a cookware at high temperature. Fuel – charcoal. Operating temperature 350°С.

We offer a grill oven of our own production model BQS.

The oven is designed for cooking meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, frying pans, etc., as well as for gourmet dishes. To make the products smell of smoking, we recommend placing a tray with chips on the bottom shelf.

Design features.

The chamber is made of food grade stainless steel with a thickness of at least 5 mm. and has a number of guides for adjusting the gratings in height. The kit includes two grids made of food grade stainless steel. To monitor the temperature in the chamber – on the door there is a thermometer. To reduce the heat transfer between the walls of the chamber and the lining, a heater is laid. The design allows you to install a hot smoked smoker, a pizza oven, a thermal cupboard or a grill for resting on the grill oven. The temperature is regulated by extending the ash box and the upper valve.

The kit includes:

Additional equipment:

  • 2 grates
  • thermometer (on the door)
  • spark arrestor
  • scoop
  • poker.
  • additional grates
  • stand – open, closed with swinging doors, closed with a drawout box for coal
  • a lattice for rest
  • heat cabinet, pizza oven or smokehouse
  • hydraulic spark arrestor;

The grill ovens of model line 2019 are equipped with a new innovative door-opening mechanism with counterweights.

ModelWidth (L)Depth (B)Height (H)Greatest dimesionsWeight (Kg)Max seating capacity

Specifications of BQS model line 2018:

ModelWidth (L)Depth (B)Height (H)Greatest dimesionsWeight (Kg)Max seating capacity

Specifications of BQS model line 2019:

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