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Smokehouse on the grill-oven BQ

When you working with thermal equipment, the shutdown and temperature adjustment takes place depending on the occupancy of the establishment. In grill-oven you can not “turn off” the temperature . The oven works all the time, you can only slightly lower or raise the temperature. At the same time there is a constant consumption of fuel – charcoal.

We offer a superstructure for a grill-ovens – smokehouse for hot smoking. This is our development, which has no analogues.

The smokehouse on the grill oven is installed on the grill-oven and is a double-walled constructure. Internal walls (inner chamber) have a number of guides under the grates. Smoking is done on grates. At the bottom of the chamber a chip tray is placed. On the front panel there is a damper for adjusting the temperature in the grill-oven.

Principle of operation

Hot air from the oven rises and hits the bottom of the smokehouse, on which there is a pallet with chips. Further, hot air passes between the walls of the body and the inner chamber, heating it.

The inner chamber is easily disassembled to remove soot and grease.

The temperature in the smokehouse depends on the temperature in the grill-oven and can range from 80°C to 130°C. Its control is carried out by a thermometer on the door of the smokehouse.

The set of smokehouse includes:

  • grates of food grade stainless steel – 2 pcs
  • chip tray
  • thermometer

Material – food grade stainless steel.

Technical characteristics of the smokehouse on the grill oven:

ModelDimensions, mm Size of grate, mm
BQB-1, BQM-1, BQS-1, BQMS-1 640х570х532420х490
BQB-2, BQM-2, BQS-2, BQMS-2 740х570х532520х490
BQB-3, BQM-3, BQS-3, BQMS-3990х570х532770х490
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