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Grill-oven BQB

The most popular model in Ukraine and CIS countries is the grill-oven BQB. It is constructed for cooking the josper-menu. Type of combustible – charcoal. The operating temperature is up to +350 ° C.

Cooking is done on the grilles and in the cookware. The dishes, that can be cooked in the oven: meat, fish, vegetables, seafood, gourmet cuisine. Correct selection of coal and adding a tray with waste wood will give the products a smoked flavor.

They are equipped with two standard grates made of food stainless steel or black steel, brush, scoop, poker, tongs and spark arrestor with a hood.

The  grill ovens of model line 2019 are  equipped with a new innovative door-opening mechanism with counterweights.

Constructive features:

The chamber is made of boiler steel with a thickness of at least 8 mm. The set includes: two grates, which are adjustable in height. The temperature in the chamber is controlled with a thermometer, that is installed on the door.

The ash is gathered in a drawer. For less heating of side veneers – between them and the chamber is a thermal insulation. The temperature in the oven is regulated with the upper slide and ash box. There are also installation for josper of pizza oven, smokehouses for smoking, a grill for resting meat or a thermal cabinet.

Specifications of BQB model line 2019:

ModelWidth (L)Depth (B)Height (H)Greatest dimesionsWeight (Kg)Max seating capacity

Specifications of BQB model line 2018:

ModelWidth (L)Depth (B)Height (H)Greatest dimesionsWeight (Kg)Max seating capacity
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