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Hydrofilter ZGF

ZGF suction ventilation hood hydro-filter for BQ grill-oven series

ZGF suction ventilation hood is a combination of two attributes of a modern professional kitchen in one product – a hood and a hydrofilter-spark arrestor. Designed for installation above the grill-oven UNIT. The advantage of such hydrofilter is that its design is most convenient for installation and maintenance.     ZGF suction ventilation hood-hydrofilter prevents fire in exhaust duct systems of public catering enterprises, excessive smoke, smokiness, fat deposition on the walls of air ducts.

Sparking occurs due to a system of labyrinth filters, a water curtain, a turn of streams. The hood-hydro-filter is installed so that the chimney flue gets into the bottom hole of the hydro-filter. Attached to the wall and ceiling.

Hood-hydrofilter is made of stainless steel, equipped with special grease-collecting filters of labyrinth type.

It is possible to make ZGF models for Josper, Mibrasa, Movilfrit, Kopa.

To reduce the water consumption, we suggest to install a storage tank (not included in the standard). The installation of the storage tank improves the temperature of cleaned air.

The main functions of the hydro-filter are:

  • Extinguishing flames and sparks from oven, charcoal grill or grills 100%
  • Air purification from soot, grease and tar by 85%
  • Cooling of gases and smoke up to 45-60 ° C at the outlet. (Installation of a storage tank raises the air temperature at the outlet to 20-30 ° C)
  • Neutralization of odors and reduction of smoke by 50%.

Basis parameters and dimensions of ZGF model:

ModelMax Capacity
Air duct flange
Temperature of cleaned air
Max Weight
Max Weight with water
Duty of water
ZGF-12700500*300+3…+2504001040x1300x885110130to 1000 (without storage container)
ZGF-22700500*300+3…+2504001140x1300x885120140to 1000 (without storage container)
ZGF-32700500*300+3…+2504001044x757x1053140170to 1000 (without storage container)
ZGF-42700500*300+3…+2504001390x1300x885160180to 1000 (without storage container)
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