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Pizza oven

When the grill-oven operates at high temperatures, hot air from the pipes leaves the atmosphere. We suggest using it again. To do this, install pizza oven on the BQ UNIT grill-oven.
Pizza-oven for grill BQ UNIT® is our unique development, which has no analogues.

Principle of operation:

Hot air from the grill-oven rising warms the stone under the stove. Then passes between the hearth and walls and enters the chamber of the oven. Due to the uniform temperature distribution in the chamber, the pizza is baked from all sides simultaneously. At a temperature of 350°C, the pizza is baked for 4-5 minutes.


  • a pizza oven;
  • set of fasteners.
  • in addition – paddle for pizza.

Specifications of the BQ pizza oven:


The grill-oven body is a 1.5 mm thick food grade stainless steel chamber. The bottom of the chamber (hearth) is a pizza stone (Italy). You can easy remove hearth for cleaning the camera. To control the temperature in the oven, a thermometer is installed on the top panel.
Thanks to the pizza oven, we again use heat, thereby increasing the grill-oven efficiency and expanding the menu of the establishment.

Specifications of the BQ pizza oven:

ModelDimension (mm)Dimensions of the stone hearth (mm)Weight (Kg)
BQB-1, BQM-1, BQS-1, BQMS-1700х615х349525х50083
BQB-2, BQM-2, BQS-2, BQMS-2800х615х349560х500100
BQB-3, BQS-3, BQM-3, BQMS-31090х615х349
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